Best Action Camera To Buy in 2018

Posted on April 18, 2018 By

Action cameras have become extremely popular and almost every person has one or has thought about getting one in recent years. They are very popular with certain markets such as adrenaline junkies who use these cameras to catch extreme tricks, stunts and other crazy activities a lot of us would rather stay away from! They are also very popular with backpackers who travel cool parts of the world such as Asia and South America and they are a great way to capture the best and most fun moments of your life. Many people make cool videos using video software such as final cut to help make videos of their travels and post online or to friends and families.

Action cameras have come a long way in recent months and many brands are competing in this new market. The YI 4K action camera is the latest release from one of the big dogs competing in this market and it has made a considerable impact. Other action camera brands from China such as the Sjcam are making waves in all honesty they are not on the same level as YI or other premium brands. The Sjcam have taken a good percentage of the cheaper action camera market and is a good option for those people who are on a budget.

4K is the new HD and this is what will determine who comes out on top in 2018 in the world of action cameras. 4K for anyone who does not know means 4 x 1080 or in English it is 4 terms better than high definition. You will start to notice 4K everywhere including TV boxes, TV sets, cameras and of course in this case the action camera.



Are Kodi boxes legal in Australia?

Posted on March 15, 2018 By

The Kodi box has become one of the most popular products in the home entertainment industry in quite some time. From a relatively unknown product a few years ago the market has now been flooded with these boxes in recent times. There are many versions of these boxes and most of them are generic type boxes imported from China whilst some other big brands like Minix have also tried to get on the band wagon and claim they are a premium box supplier. Truth be told all of these boxes are the same on the inside in that they mostly have Amlogic parts and similar hardware.

There has been some controversy about the Kodi box for some time. What many people forget is that these are just essentially an android computer with the Kodi app installed on it. Kodi can be installed on your phone or laptop but does that make them any different? No is the answer. Kodi has many legit uses and it is a great app so it is not good that many ignorant people tarnish its name with these issues.


In many western countries it is not illegal to stream and it is only illegal if you are sharing the content or download it with the intent of illegally sharing it. Also there are many legit add on’s available such as Netflix and Stan which are popular in Australia.

You can also use a proxy server if you are paranoid about using these boxes as this will hide your IP address from anyone who intends to spy on your internet usage. I would recommend using a proxy regardless as it is always nice to have that extra layer of cover. So don’t be afraid to use one of these Kodi boxes as they are a legit product and most people now own one.