The four things you need to do to keep your house clean all the time

This time we have an excellent article that applies to everyone and anyone. We have sat down with a house cleaning company from Dublin to talk about what people can do to keep their homes cleaner. Need to Clean recommends that you take action by sticking to these 4 routines on a regular basis even if you are hiring someone else to do your housekeeping for you.

Have a maintenance routine in place first thing in the morning

This might sound tedious but it doesn’t have to be that bad if you get the small chores out of the way the first thing in the morning. For example if you just got out of bed and jumped in the shower you want to take an extra minute and wipe off the water off your shower door at least a little bit. As we know water marks are one of the ugliest things to have in a beautiful bathroom and many people hire professional cleaning companies in Dublin just to do the water mark cleaning for them.

Make sure you get your washing up sorted before you take any new clothes and put them on, perhaps the laundry needs to be dried or washing machine left on before you go to work. You get the idea right? You should do a bit of everything once you are passing by it, works much better than simply running all over your house looking for things to clean. Instead we get on with our normal routine and throw in an extra minute to look after the mess we may have left. Doing this in the morning will get you going in a sort of “productivity mode” and get your day rolling on a positive note!

Make sure your kitchen sink is always spotless!

This is a bit of a mind trick but it tends to work really good for people. You want to make sure your kitchen and bathroom sinks, baths and toilet are always immaculate and shiny. It is very hard to keep a pile of dirty dishes in a perfectly spotless kitchen sink that you have just cleaned. You will not be able to help yourself but to wash up any dishes that you have used or put them in your dishwasher, this is an excellent hobbit which your roommates will love and will probably get in to themselves!

Have the rest of the house participate in an “all out cleaning” routine

If you are living with someone else like roommates or family it is an excellent idea to agree on a time every other day when everyone in the house will be cleaning their surroundings for at least 15 minutes. You may think that you don’t really care how lean your roommates room is but if they haven’t hoovered their carpet for the last month and they are walking in the common areas chances are they are spreading dirt. Keeping everyones surroundings clean contributes a huge deal towards keeping the common areas around the house spotless.

Blitz your kitchen after each and every meal

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for a perfectly clean kitchen to become cluttered and coated with a layer of sticky grease which is an absolute pain to get out? Kitchens and bathrooms are obviously the most time demanding common areas when it comes to hygiene. If you manage to get yourself in a routine where you do a small kitchen cleanup after each and every meal prep and never leave anything behind till tomorrow or till you come back from work, you will discover that you can drastically improve the overall state of your house hygiene with perhaps no more than 10-15 minutes of extra time a day.


Best Way to Dispose of Unwanted Stuff if You Live in Dublin

During the year you will most likely find that your home, business or office space has began to feel cluttered with old and useless things that are taking up space. This can be almost anything from furniture, computers, books and skateboards etc. I will be discussing your 2 main options that you have if you are living in Dublin.

Often, the problem is that there is no good way for you to dispose of them if you are living in a crowded urban city like Dublin. People tend to simply put away this stuff in their attic or garage and leave it be until the pile builds up big enough for you to have to do something about it. An excellent tip for putting away this stuff is packing and organising it all in thick industrial bin bags if possible. This is much more convenient than leaving it scattered all over the place, It will also help you judge just how much waste you actually have to get rid of.

When the times comes and the pile has gotten big enough, you have two options on what to do with it all. Recently, I have discovered an excellent way to get rid of all this stuff in the best way possible. It is the ‘bric a brac’ collections that have been going on in Dublin for a while now. I used to ignore those letters and notices through my mailbox before but now i think they are simply genius. If you have never seen one here what they look like usually :clothes-collection-sticker


Basically, these organisations go around and dispatch leaflets in residential areas asking for you to take outside everything that you want to get rid of and that still works or is not broken. The reason for the stuff not being broken is because it all goes to charity if it is still somewhat suitable to do anything with it. You would not believe how happy some less fortunate families in other countries will be to receive your used piece of furniture or toys. This is 100% free and probably even better than recycling as far as environment is concerned.

skip-container-dublinYour other option is to call in a regular skip hire service in Dublin that will come over and drop a skip next to your house for you to fill. Most of the waste that skip hire companies take is usually recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way so that is most likely your second best option. These are also pretty good to handle your unwanted waste but obviously this is a bit more complicated and not free. In some cases you may even need to get a planning permission from your local county board if you plan to place the skip somewhere outside of your property. Keep in mind this still applies to you even if your skip is not going to be fully placed inside your yard, if a small part of it is still on the public property space you can get in trouble for not acquiring a permission in advance. Most good skip hire companies in Dublin provide you with all of this information anyway so I will not go in to too much detail about this service in this particular post. 


Importance of responsive website design in 2017 by

Technology has been evolving as rapidly as it has ever been in 2017, internet and Wifi is almost anywhere and everywhere you will set foot these days. This means that the technology companies have made internet accessible almost trough any device you can imagine, phones, tablets, watches, cars just to name a few. But have you ever actually stumbled on to a website on your phone that was just not that nice to use? It didn’t quite fit the screen size and the buttons were way too small for a finger to tap.

This technology boom has evolved the way web design companies work in Dublin and all over the world. The term “responsive website design” is being tossed all over the internet and is almost a thing that is no more talked about. We would like to take the chance to remind you if you are a website owner, to check if your business site is actually responsive or not. If you are having trouble doing that get in touch with who will gladly help you answer this question for FREE.

What is responsive web design and why do i need it?

Since you can access the internet via a range of screen sizes that can drastically vary in dimensions, web designers need to make sure your website code is smart enough to recognise the screen size the content is being viewed on and adapt accordingly. In other words, if you are viewing the content on a small mobile phone you want your design to rearrange accordingly so it is convenient for the user to browse trough your content and take the actions you want them to take on the site. This is called good user experience in the web design industry. Here is a nice diagram to show you how the same website can vary depending on what screen size it is being viewed on.

How do i check if my website is responsive?

It is quite simple, if you are on a desktop computer simply resize your browser window to be as narrow as possible and if your website is responsive you will witness it rearrange to fit the size accordingly. You can also simply take out a mobile phone or a tablet and try visiting your site, does it look ok? Do you need to zoom in our out to read the content comfortably? If not then your website has been made unresponsive by whoever developed it for you. If you do not, chances are that you are missing out on potential leads and sales by taking this shortcut. You will be surprised how many people tend to simply hit ‘back’ if they visit a page that has not been made responsive. People are too lazy to zoom in and out to look for content and it is much easier to go back to the search result page and click on a competitor’s link. Can your business afford this loss?

How much does it cost to make a website responsive in Dublin?

Prices vary, what we recommend you do is simply type something like “web design Dublin” and get a couple of quotes from the companies in the results. We recommend that you go for the medium price offer not the low one, this gives you a small bit of piece of mind. As the saying goes cheap work is never good and good work is never cheap.