Electric Scooters Causing Mass Confusion in Ireland

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electric scooters

So we have dabbled in this topic before but it just doesn’t seem to be going away and that is the electric scooter boom that seems to be happening all over the world. In countries around the world no one seems to know if they or legal or what laws they fall under but everyone seems to be love them. It seems the governments of the world were not ready for this and they can’t seem to be keep up with many laws for new technologies as we recently discussed when it came to streaming services.

It is reported that in Dublin there are over 2,000 electric scooters traveling every day. This is quite a huge number and it seems to be growing but no one knows the legality of them. The papers are reporting that they are illegal but the demand for them seems to be growing so it looks like everything is going to come to a head.

Why are electric scooters so popular?

Well there are a few reasons. They are cheap to buy and cheap to run (almost free to run) and it means that you don’t have to sit in traffic like you would in a car. As well as this you don’t have to insure them, get an NCT and put fuel in them like you would a car. All of these factors make them a very attractive device for commuting.

To go along with this they are good for the environment as they emit no emissions. All these things mean that people are quite happy to jump on the band wagon. Imagine how much money you would save if you didn’t spend money for public transport or to run your car every day to work. This is quite significant.

When will we know the legality of electric scooters?

Well the short answer is even the government don’t seem to know but we expect something to be pushed through quickly to deal with the large numbers of electric scooters on the roads in the last few months. Stayed tuned here for more electric scooter news as we will definitely update this post when a decision is made on the law with regards to them.






How to choose the right android TV box

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android tv boxes

There are so many android tv boxes on the market today if can be a real pain figuring out what the difference is. Every store claims there’s are the best but are they really all that different and what should you look for when shopping for one? We see an ever growing trend here at Lgmsb with an greater interest in these TV boxes than ever so let’s take a look and what to look for when getting an android TV box:


1. Android TV Box Processors:

There are two main brands of processors in an android tv box these days and they are Realtek and Amlogic. In our expreience Amlogic seem to give less problems and a very reliable brand used by major laptop companies so we always say to stick with them. Generally anything with an Amlogic quad core or octa core processor is fast enough for most functions so look for these when shopping for a TV box.

2. TV Box RAM:

RAM stands for random access memory. RAM is in all types of computer devices including phones, laptops and of course your android TV box. The more RAM the better and we would recommend to get RAM of at least 3GB for a smooth running performance. This means that your box has the resources to quickly change functions as you so wish.

3. Storage:

Most people do not store much on their android tv box as it is mainly a streaming device. However you do need storage to hold more apps so generally something with 32GB of storage and up is going to be plenty unless you are really into downloading a huge amount of apps.

These are the 3 main things you should look for when shopping for an android TV box. Companies like www.androidtvboxes.ie have a good write up on this in their buyers guide section which is worth checking out also.






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Electric Scooters are the future but Lime have really screwed this up!

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There has been much talk in the business world about this new start up called Lime who are planning to launch electric scooters in various cities around the US. Well they have already begun testing and so far it has been a disaster. At first the electric scooters were catching fire and now they are reporting that the scooters may in fact break in half. Because of this a huge recall has been announced across all of their stations. The electric scooters who are made by Okai seem to be quite flimsy. But is this just bad luck?

Lime have claimed that safety is their highest concern but how have their been so many problems with such a simple product. Perhaps they have been rushing this product into the market as with proper testing there is no way that this would have happened. Lime have even gone as far as to say that it is because people do not know how to ride the electric scooters properly due to been too inexperienced. This is a bit of a slap in the face to its consumers.

Are electric scooters still the future?

It is largely believed that electric scooters will be the future and could be the short term answer to the huge pollution in most of the worlds major cities. The price of buying a scooter is already pretty low when compared with other modes of transport and as with most technology the price will more than likely continue to the drop over the coming years with the quality of the scooters improving. The Ninebot ES1 scooter can now be purchased for under €500 from https://www.it-directory.ie/collections/electric-scooters-ireland so already most people could afford it over a standard bike.

Although Lime have screwed this up they are still talked about as going to be a fortune 500 company. I think this is down to the fact that someone in the company got a little too eager over the product and proper testing was not maintained but that is just a theory. We are sure they will come back in 6 months time with a strong answer for this.








Be Safe When Buying a Hoverboard This Christmas

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It is not far from Christmas now and hard to believe how yet another year has flown by. I guess it is true what they say that as you get older that time goes by quicker. I guess that literally makes sense as you get older 1 year is less of a percentage of your life time. As another year draws to a close we are nearly at the time to begin buying Christmas presents for our friends and family. Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many people as the financial pressure of buying many gifts can be quite daunting. Because of this many people have begun buying gifts much earlier than normal and now people even begin buying gifts as early as September to take the pressure off themselves later in the year.

One of the most popular gifts that people have being getting for their kids the last few years is the hoverboard. This craze began several years back when videos popped on social media of people using them. Ever since then they have been a big hit at Christmas and for birthday parties also. But there was some bad press on them in their first year or two. They say that there is no such thing as bad press but in this case it was quite damaging to the product.

The problem was with the cheap batteries that Chinese companies were putting into the hoverboards. They were over heating and pictures were starting to emerge online of fires that had been started by the hoverboards and some houses were even burnt down over these products. Since then some companies only sell boards with LG batteries that are of course safe. These boards cost more but it is certainly worth it as it is just too much of a risk leaving these cheap Chinese batteries charging when they are prone to over heating.

So if you are looking to get a hoverboard this Christmas then make sure it has an LG battery and be safe from a company like www.it-directory.ie. The last thing anyone wants is a fire in their home over Chritmas…it is just not worth the risk.


Why you should get a second hand iPhone?

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The market for smartphones has become extremely competitive and as a result the
manufacturers are coming up with different models year in year out with multiple new features
to attract the consumers. The prices for the premium segment of phones are specifically high
and as a result it might be beyond the financial reach of many people. However you can still
purchase these phones in the form of refurbished phones. So for instance if you have some
financial constraints and you really want the latest version of Phones for sale then you can opt to
buy refurbished iPhone.

phones for sale
What are the things you need to understand before purchasing refurbished iPhone? There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before you decide to purchase a refurbished iPhone. First and foremost you need to check the condition of the refurbished phone. It is important to determine that there is no physical or internal damage that has been caused to the phone.

Also do check the screen for potential damage. A phone that is cheap may
not necessarily translate to a smart buy because there might be issues with its functioning.
Besides that you must also look for what features you are getting and the condition of the
battery. The battery of a phone is a significant component and it is very important that you
purchase a phone with a good battery that has not been used extensively in the past. There are
various sellers including Apples official who provide new battery on their refurbished phones
which is always a huge benefit.
You must also look at storage, memory and the processor that you are getting on your
refurbished iPhone. It is also important for you to ensure that the iPhone is not blacklisted and
that there is a reasonable as well as sensible return policy applicable on your purchase.

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SunUV Release the Sun7 Nail Dryer

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Even though cosmetics salons have become popular in the past couple years but still many ladies prefer doing manicure and pedicure at home. Other than saving money, hygiene is one the factor as in salons most of the time same tools have been used for different customers.

Drying nails naturally take much longer time which can lead to stressful process and could even result is ruining or smearing nails. A high quality nail dryer from www.nailbooth.co.uk is a best and efficient alternative to dry finger nails to avoid any mishaps. Nail Dryers are trending nowadays as they are portable or desktop size so they can be easily stored.

A nail dryer is a machine which speed up the drying process of nail polish as nail paint contains pigments suspended in a solvent as well as plasticizes, resins for shiny finish and film-former that helps to forma film, which take longer time to dry. There are three types of nail dryers being used, one that is used to dry regular polish, second use UV lights to dry gel based polishes and those that use LED lights for gel based polishes. It is important to dry gel polishes under a light otherwise it will not set.

Nail dryers have so many benefits as compared to waiting for your nails to dry naturally. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Quick drying time: Using a nail dryer, you can dry your nails in under 5 minutes than naturally drying which can take up to 20 minutes.
  • Efficient of professionals: Being a nail artist professional, a nail dryer can save time and allow to deal with multiple customers at a time.
  • Quicker and Finer Finish: For those who apply several layers of nail shine, nail dryer gives leverage as each layer will dry quickly and you will get a neat finish look.
  • No mishaps: when using a nail dryer, there are less chances of nail polish smearing or smudging.

Many people have been using nail dryers at home to save the cost, which is one of the primary benefit of portable nail dryers.



Are Kodi boxes legal in Australia?

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The Kodi box has become one of the most popular products in the home entertainment industry in quite some time. From a relatively unknown product a few years ago the market has now been flooded with these boxes in recent times. There are many versions of these boxes and most of them are generic type boxes imported from China whilst some other big brands like Minix have also tried to get on the band wagon and claim they are a premium box supplier. Truth be told all of these boxes are the same on the inside in that they mostly have Amlogic parts and similar hardware.

There has been some controversy about the Kodi box for some time. What many people forget is that these are just essentially an android computer with the Kodi app installed on it. Kodi can be installed on your phone or laptop but does that make them any different? No is the answer. Kodi has many legit uses and it is a great app so it is not good that many ignorant people tarnish its name with these issues.


In many western countries it is not illegal to stream and it is only illegal if you are sharing the content or download it with the intent of illegally sharing it. Also there are many legit add on’s available such as Netflix and Stan which are popular in Australia.

You can also use a proxy server if you are paranoid about using these boxes as this will hide your IP address from anyone who intends to spy on your internet usage. I would recommend using a proxy regardless as it is always nice to have that extra layer of cover. So don’t be afraid to use one of these Kodi boxes as they are a legit product and most people now own one.